Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yes, Abby had her kittens. 5 of them. Monday night, my oldest yells that fact! lol We didn't realize she was so close, so we really weren't ready for the birth. All live births, and doing well so far. One orange/white, one grey stripe, 2 black and 1 calico. So cute!! I keep going into their closet (where she decided was the best place to birth) and giving Abby attention and checking out the babies. We do have a home for the orange one and a friend said he'd take one. Ds said he may have a taker too. We'll have more in a week or so, since, yes, Ziva is also pregnant! Riptide was a busy boy - but the girls aren't too fond of him now! lol My oldest was saying how Abby and Riptide were "talking" yesterday, and it sounded like Abby was telling him off.
Been keeping close to home since the storms. My tires need replaced and there's ice out there. Tonight I'll be checking on tire prices so I can finally get new ones and not have to worry about that. Just have to worry about the trans that's acting up. Yeah me. *sigh*
Things are starting to get busy with my businesses. I have a show next weekend, one the 26th and a bunch more coming up. I better get busy making my stuff I want to sell, plus ordering some inventory from others. Time to get busy selling! Get bills paid off, put some aside for fun times.
Yikes! I better find the labels to send back the laptop! Completely forgot about that one! He can't get a new one until that one is returned, so I should see about getting it out today or tomorrow. If I can find the label. Wonder if it's one they emailed? Ya think? I hope so!
I'm hoping the ickies are finally on their way out of this house! I'm tired of all the sick kids, feeling horrible, and not being able to get our stuff done we want to do!
I need to look into getting the kids out of the house! Poor things are tired of being cooped up and are getting rammy. :( Can't play outside, it's icy. Can't go to Gram's cuz of the germs (they can't afford to get sick). I wouldn't really let them out here much as some punks destroyed out snowman they built. Not teens either. We're talking younger kids. Yeah, just what I want my kids around...Not! So we stay inside where they get rammy and start acting up. *sigh* Add that to my list - making calls/ looking places up for some fun times!
Ugh, I hear the school books calling. At least one teacher stopped the harassing calls. Now to get the other one to stop calling daily - she's supposed to call weekly or less! Would be nice to get stuff done without the interruptions!