Friday, December 21, 2012

Almost Christmas

It's actually the Mayan Apocalypse today. So far, nothing has happened except my phone turned off  early. I'll have to figure out adding more time, since my oldest was usually the one who did that for me.
Still stuck in the RV. *sigh* We were hoping to be in some sort of rental, but the money we were counting on never came through. Figures. It's highly unlikely we'll be able to get in anywhere now. Looks like Christmas will be spent camping at a state park. Oh joy. (sarcasm)
I'll be starting a new blog soon. One more geared towards crafting and schooling. I was hoping to be in a place before then so I could actually *do* stuff to post, but I'll figure out something.
Maybe now I can convince the hubs to do some crafts to sell. Not like I do, but some pallet furniture and the stuff I pinned. The things you need power tools for! lol We have a storage unit (more of a large garage bay) that has electric. All we would need to do is move some stuff around and set up a work space. I could sort through some boxes while he does his stuff, and the kids could help "find" their toys. Try to get rid of a bunch before we get into a place.
I've been pinning like mad lately. Adding more crafts, garden ideas, sewing projects (I don't even sew!), and lots of food! I've also started to do contests/sweepstakes. I've won over 20 books from, and I even won a math curriculum from a blog! Now to get my mail from my friend - along with other stuff- so I can see what all I have. Would be nice to have a few surprise wins in my mail pile, but my luck isn't that good.
We can only stay at the state park for so long (I think 3 weeks in a row), so I'll be looking into places to move. With "Winter Texans" here in full force, most RV parks are full though. The rental market is crazy with pricing and most don't allow pets. We also have the 4 kids, and most parks are priced for 2 people. Add in a *per day* charge for kids, and you can rent an apartment! If only we knew more about RV living before we left. We would have bought a different RV and did things differently. Now it's become a major hassle most days, and our nerves are stretched to the limits with living in such close quarters. Not to mention my truck? Yeah, battery light still on even after they changed the pulley and something else. The alternator tested fine, was fine on the trip out here, then we go to leave for town, and the light is back on. *sigh* Here's hoping our luck changes soon!
Happy Holidays all!!