Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So much for good intentions! Every time I plan out posts and how I can get things done, something happens. Since I rely on my hot spot, it turns out it starts to act wonky. The hubs says it's when it's windy out that it acts up. I think it knows I want to get stuff done! lol
I was planning a post on suicide, since Mindy McCready and Mark Balelo both were in the news last week. I was going over the post in my head and was okay with posting it, but can't seem to bring myself to it this week. Too much going on and on my mind, I guess.
While researching adult companies to rep for, a friend posted her company's awesome sign on deal. I knew it was a good company and she rocks the biz, so I signed up!I am now a Passion Parties Diva! I also signed on for Origami Owl. Well, once I get the email with my info to sign on, I will. I was on the waiting list and got an email yesterday saying it was time! Pretty quick! I want to call about the Market Days here to set up a booth. See about getting the word out that I do a few direct sales. When we walk around I only see Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, and Jamberry. Not sure they have others down here. Well, I have seen it works! here also, and I do that as well, but I'm not as active there.
Finally paid off our old electric bill. Should get off of the hubs' credit for March, so his numbers will go up again. I've been doing the house search thing like crazy. Every day, every night. I'll have 3-7 windows open. Email, facebook, sweepstakes, craigslist and realtor.com. Redid our search critieria to a 2 bedroom with at least 1.5 baths. If it's cheap enough, we can do 2 bedrooms. We can add on down here pretty easily, and that'll give us more living space. I found a good one up by his work, 2 bedrooms, shed, with a guest house (or workspace) on 4 lots. Definitely want to get in that one to check it out! If we can buy that one with $0 down, we'd have money for furniture and the trip to PA the kids and I want to make later.
I still have to contact the one bag sale place. I haven't seen any mention on their web page, and I didn't sign up for their mailing since I didn't have an address at that time. I do the best at that sale, and am really hoping they have it again this year! My kids need clothes (as do I), and I'm looking forward to starting an online resale boutique. We bought a sewing machine at a yard sale, and I'm hoping the hubs teaches us how it use the thing! lol Then we can make dresses for the littles, sleep pants, shorts and more. I've been picking up fabric remnants that Walmart has on sale, just waiting for the time we can get sewing.
Trying to put off organizing my clothes. I should get it done so we can bring in some of the clean stuff taking up room in my truck. Just so not in the mood to refold it all and get it back in the cubbies. Really looking forward to having a closet and dresser again! It's the little things really.
Better get busy before the hubs pulls up. While I managed to get most of the pressing things done, I want to finish off my list. Maybe then I can plan a day out tomorrow without feeling guilty!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This past week and a half have been crazy!! I normally pick a Saturday or Sunday for us to move since we need the hubs' work truck to move our grill. When I went to pay for another week at the state park though, I was told they were booked up. So I had to quick call around and find a new place. Not the easiest in the middle of a south Texas winter when all of the winter Texans have come down! I found us a place (way cheaper!), when the one ranger came to let me know they had a cancellation. Thanks, but I'd rather pocket the almost $400 a month difference!
That Saturday we had the Mardi Gras parade for hubs' work, then lunch with the boss' and coworkers. After that we did some shopping - always needed after moving. Basically a lost day!
Since we spent Saturday running around our wash had piled up and was waiting for us! Off to the laundromat. Sundays are always busy there, and that day was no exception. We left later than planned, and people let their wash and were late getting back to move it to the dryers, so wash day was longer than we planned. Oh well! We still have to get organized in here to get it all away and out of my truck!
Monday we had my oldest here for a bit. The kids and I visited her at her work, and had chips and salsa while waiting for her. Poor thing was exhausted and ended up falling asleep on Blondie. Had to wait for hubby (I have the only RV key right now) so I could take her home. Tuesday our one cat (only 2 years old) just laid down and died. *sigh*  Poor Bug comes running back to me, telling me Sherbert is just lying there and won't move. We have no clue why he died, and I'm really missing him, as he was the one who would come back to lay with me while I was on the computer. Such a snuggle bug! Wednesday I was out of commission with a headache. Not quite my usual debilitating migraine, but enough that I did nothing and tried to sleep it off. Thursday was Valentine's Day, so of course, the hubs was pissy. Not like we ever really celebrate that day - I prefer the day after when chocolate is half off! Friday was payday, so the kids and I were able to stock up on some food. Saturday we had clear, so we figured yard sales! Stopped at the one RV park, walked around their sale, go to the truck and it won't start. Now we just replaced the alternator, and the transmission is getting iffy (needs a flush and new filter). Sometimes it doesn't go into gear right and then won't start. Nope, sounds like the starter. CRIPES!!! We still don't know many people down here, so he called the only person he does know who knows cars. While waiting hubs called looking for a starter to make sure they were in stock and a price. *sigh* While we're waiting, we notice next door (another RV park) is having a car show. Turns out it was only 5 or 6 cars, and a craft show! So the kids and I walked around, I got a few cards for things I want to buy (thinking I was going to shell out money for a starter, I wasn't shopping) and when I got back they were working on the beast. Turns out it was a $5 part and we're on our way again! Finally something going my way!! After that, we hit a few more yard sales (most were packed up by then), and decided to drive around looking at some houses I saw on realtor.com. Good thing we did since it narrowed down our list a bit. We were invited to a birthday party for their daughter on Sunday, so that's where we ended up Sunday. We also managed to pay storage, see I'm going to have fun dealing with mold when we move and clean out storage, and do some shopping. Hubby got to play COD Sunday, so he was happy!
That brings us to yesterday, when I was trying to catch up on stuff and signed up to be a Passion Parties Rep and get on the waiting list for Origami Owl.
While scrolling through my facebook feed I notice my oldest was in a music video (Spanish song). I'm friends with her agency and they posted the link. Really good. She's basically the main person in the video, except the band. Here's to this leading to other good parts for her!!
Ok, I think I bored y'all enough for one day! Hoping to get back tomorrow and talk about some suicides that have happened in the news lately.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday - I lost a day!

Don't you hate when you do a blog post and the computer shuts down because of an update? One you can't postpone? It happened to me yesterday and I just wasn't up to redoing the post. Sorry! Not that it was anything earth shattering, but it was a nice post. I finally finished our federal taxes. The place I was going to use wanted to charge me. Really? For a simple form that noone else charges for? I don't think so! So off I went to H&R Block online. Put in numbers, added kids, and tahdah! Done! Now to hope everything is ok and goes through in time. I do know the hubs' birthday has been wrong or them for some time, but I remembered and put it in "wrong" until he can get his birth certificate, and whatever else he needs and hit the Social Security office. I mean, just one year doing taxes and it kept being sent back. I tried to explain to people that his birthday isn't going to change from end of month to beginning, but you know, red tape is always right! lol I managed to write out 2 business plans yesterday, now to type them up, save them and upload them. Need fingers crossed, candles lit and spells cast for good luck! Almost found us a place to move, but they didn't have a bathhouse. So no new RV park. There is a mobile for rent, but I'm not sure about the park it's in. I think it's the one that kinda scared us as we drove past. You know the kind. Looks run down and iffy on the people living there. Then there's an apartment, but the hubs would have a longer drive in to work and may affect his on call status. We *need* that overtime he gets from being on call, so that may also be a no go. *sigh* Just doesn't seem to be much available right now, and I desperately need to get out of here. Guess it's back to searching! I'm planning on getting some items to review and do giveaways. I'd prefer to be in a place where I have an actual work space, so it may be put off for a little bit. I'd love to do some books - whether they want to do just the book I review or do a basket or something else. If the oldest can get me on wordpress, that would be great - just don't know how easy it is to actually post there. I downloaded it, now it's missing! Not sure where it went or where to look! I'm not a computer literate person, that's for sure! I need something that I can log in, type up my post, spell check, and post. Nothing crazy with html or other computer jargon needed! Ok, off to work on my big ideas! What are your long range goals? Anyone want to be self employed? Own rental property? Long vacation?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's Tuesday all ready?? At least I managed to get into town yesterday. Hit the PO and picked up a few groceries to get us through the rest of the week. Also picked up my oldest and brought her out for a visit for a bit. Kids were happy to see her!! I should have gotten the picture of the littlest 2 lying with/on her while watching a movie. Too cute!
So far I've managed to stay caught up on mail, but doing the contests is taking up time. Wish we had another computer, I could put my oldest little to work for one site. She enjoys it, and she gets her work done early enough to be able to help.
Still no luck on the housing front, although I may have found us a different park to stay - cheaper and with included electric and cable. I'll have to try to contact them again so we can move this weekend. They just need a bathhouse (for showering), since we can't use our shower - smaller than a closet in there! Would also be nice if there was room for the kids to set up their tent. They enjoy sleeping in there and having that space to stretch out.
Today is the day! I'm going to attempt to do our taxes. *sigh* The federal is pretty easy, but we did a cross country move. Luckily we let our old state June 30th, so exactly half of the year, and that job stopped then as well. Although he was getting vacation pay for a few weeks after we left. Hmmmm. Whatever! I'm not stressing over any of that, just going to file online so we can get our money.
I gave my oldest my info to pretty up my pages here, so I'm hoping she can get to that quick. I'm looking at joining in on a giveaway or two, and possibly doing one of my own. I just don't want people stopping by now, since my page is pretty ugly:(
If I had the energy I'd post some clip art to go with my post today, but I'm drained. I think this rv living and trying to deal with landlords down here is just draining whatever energy I have today. Luckily my kids are taking it pretty well. They think o it as an adventure, which is good since I hope to upgrade the rv for vacations. This one will be dismantled and sold for scrap (no matter that we won't get much out of it), since it's leaky, moldy and old. Time to put it to rest!
I think that's enough of my ramblings for today. I have a few more surveys and contests to do yet, and I want to start on the taxes before the hubs gets home.
Do you all do your own taxes or go to someone? Have you ever traveled in an rv?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday

We're having a lazy Saturday here at the state park. Funds are low with the big bills coming out of this pay, so trying not to waste gas. They did get the tent back up - it was knocked around during a wind storm here. Hubs was able to fix some of the posts that were damaged, so the kids have their space to play and room to spread out to sleep.
I managed to catch up on my mail today! When we were in the wooded area we didn't have internet. You can only imagine the build up! I do several click to earns, surveys, I follow blogs, plus I do contests. Now I have some contests saved (the dailies), all click to earns and surveys are completed, and a few blogs were saved since they're offering blog opportunities for giveaways. Let's hope I can keep it this way now!
My oldest will be coming by Monday - I hope! She's the one I've been waiting on to help me pretty up my blogs. Get the top banner, side buttons and avatars for the family put on here. Right now it looks so *blah*.
I managed to get a mailbox here in town. Having to run in to my friend's house every week was a killer! It ate up my afternoon (and gas), and I fell behind on what I needed to do. Always nice to see her and the baby staying there, but we're hoping to move a bit closer in a bit.
The housing situation hasn't changed. Still in the rv that has issues - like leaks and mold. *sigh* I'll be doing our taxes soon, plus I'm hoping to work on the hubs' credit reports. I found a site that has templates or letters to send to the bureaus. There's the letter for the "looks" which can hurt our score, and letter when you're disputing a claim on your report. Now to find someone who can print them for me or get a cheap printer. I *have* a good printer in storage, but I owe him money, and we put it in the back corner. Behind a gazillion or so boxes! Maybe my oldest can pick one up cheap on her way out here along with a pack of paper. Then I can get it all done in one day and plan a trip to the PO for stamps and to get a few other things mailed out. Would be nice if people would work quickly and get things done. I know his credit took major hits when we were house hunting. It seems like the mortgage people wanted to check his credit all.the.time. Not good for your numbers! So now I get to do letters and hope for the best. Maybe we can buy a house instead of rent. It's going to take some planning, but I think we can get it done. I'll be posting about our second foray into Texas home ownership!
While it's a long shot, I have a hope things work out in another direction. I'm not ready to give details yet, but I do promise to let you know what it is, and the steps I took. Hoping to help someone else thinking about taking the same step!
Anyone have any goals for this year? Not resolutions. Goals. And a manageable breakdown to accomplish them? I'll be posting mine next time!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day!

I've made it halfway through the week! When a week starts with a headache, it's always a bit of a gamble. We didn't get much done this week, but at least my headache is totally gone now. Due to the high winds, the kids took down their tent today. Unfortunately I think one of the poles broke, so I don't know if e can put it up again. It's where they like to go to read, play and chill since there's room in there to spread out. Not sure we can buy any of the poles to replace what broke. Hoping business picks up for hubby, but with the temps at a nice 60/70 range, people don't need heat or their air running. Luckily they have some business accounts with scheduled maintenance. The one new guy keeps being sent home early, I'm just glad hubby isn't losing too many hours right now! This is the perfect time for people to schedule cleanings and routine maintenance on their systems. Before the harsh weather hits and you have to wait. Found out the one direct sales company I was with has me as inactive until I pay $99 to re-up. Since I can start a business for that in direct sales, I think I'll pass. It wasn't a good fit for me anyway, so I'll move on. Looking into some other options right now. My email really piled up when we were without internet for a week! I had just cleared out my inbox right before that, and managed to spend some time last night weeding out some outdated contests. Hoping i can finish the click to earns and surveys this week, so I'll just have daily mail to deal with every day. Looks like the hubs is home. Have to figure out supper! What direct sales companies do you think do the best business? Which do you think would do well as an online business a well as in person? Does anyone here do any direct sales?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've decided!

I think I may be certifiable, but I've decided to jump in and join other bloggers with giveaways! Now I really need to learn how to pretty up my page, add pictures and all of that good stuff.

I was planning on doing posts this weekend, then Saturday we ended up at the laundromat longer than planned and Sunday was a headache kind of day. *sigh* So nothing I planned to do actually got done. In an rv that tends to be problematic. We still need to sort the clothes we have put away, then sort the clothes we just washed.
One thing I've managed to do is work on a list of blog topics. If I'm going to be blogging daily (or close to it), I need to have things to talk about. For people who know me, it's shocking that I would need a list! lol I can pretty much talk any one's ear off, but I don't want to bore people and chase them away!
Today is such a windy day here! Being on the beach makes it a bit worse, and this rv is rocking! Otherwise it would be a gorgeous south Texas day! Almost 70 out, but these winds will knock over a person!
If anyone has a book or product they'd like me to review, just let me know! I won a bunch of books I'd like to read and review (for the site I won them from), but I will put my friends goodies ahead of them. :)
One of my future posts will be about going to the laundromat as opposed to wash at home. Which is more cost effective? I really can't say right now since I can't do wash here, so I can't take the bills and see if there's a change in electric and water. Of course, there's also the time issue. If you get to the laundromat and have to wait on machines, that cuts into your time. We had 2 weeks worth of clothes to wash, and had to wait on machines, so our trip took a bit longer than usual. Normally we can be in and out in under 3 hours. Then we drive around and see if there's any yard sales or stop at the store if we need to pick up something.
Is there anything you'd like me to talk about? Nothing political or religious please!