Monday, September 7, 2009


Ok, I guess it's time I start doing something here! I've had this for a few months now and figure I should do something here.
Things are off to a busy school year! Last week we had 2 start, this week the K starts and I hope my 10th grader will start - waiting on his cyber to finish his paperwork so we can pick courses. He's busy with football - practice every night, plus 2 games every week! He gets decent field time on Varsity and then there's the JV games.
We're still carless here. Well, we *have* them, they're just not running. I hope to soon since I've been paying car insurance for 9 months and can't even drive them! Would also make all my errands easier, and I'd be able to sign the littles up for classes.
Not only do I cyber school my kids, but I decided I wasn't busy enough! I signed on to sell Uppercase Living ( which has some awesome vinyl for your walls, or wherever you want to put them! I also do Greeting Cakes ( which are cute 4" microwaveable cakes that com with icing and candles. Really cute gift idea, can also be used for fundraising. Then I also do Noah's Ark Animal Workshop/Bella Bee Glamour Parties. They'll be having free sign ups from 9/15 to 10/15 Check out my site for more information on that one. I signed up during a promotion for Enchanted Potions. I've been too busy to really check into that one so far, but hope to get a few minutes this week to find out all of the product line and all that good stuff. I'm supposed to have a website for there too, which I'll add when I know what it is! lol
We don't have enough people living here, so we added animals. There's Roxy, a plot hound we got from a rescue (she was rescued from a high kill shelter in OH). She's older than we thought, but still has alot of energy. Gucci is my oldest's black Pomeranian. This dog should be in the circus as a clown! Some days she has us laughing for hours! We have 4 cats too. Princess was the first (out of the current group) to come in our home. She's a rescue we got as a kitten. I'd say she's about 4 or 5 now. Then after we had her, a friend told us about a stray in their yard. She couldn't take in another animal since her dh is allergic. That's how Tiger came to live with us. Finally we have Abby Sciuto and Ziva David. I saw an ad in a pet store and the pictures reminded me of our old cat Peanut Butter Cup. So when I met the lady, I decided I wanted both the girls (calicoes), even though my dh said to get one. Oh well! Got free coupons for betas. Managed to get 3, but Abby decided to eat 2. The survivor is locked in the girls bedroom with the door shut at all times. Just got another coupon, and added 2 hermit crabs. Not sure why, we really don't have the room for more animals! lol
Now is the time to declutter in this house. I've been trying to sort the girls' clothes. I spent way too much at past yard sales (didn't get to hit many this summer due to lack of funds), but at least they have clothes for awhile! I do have to go through and weed stuff out. Getting to be time to bring out the winter clothes. It's been cool here the past few days! Perfect football weather!!
I am planning to write more about thrifty tips and eating at home more. Get a few good fall back recipes that are quick and have all the ingredients on hand. Throw in some freezer meals (OAMC, batch cooking, cooking ahead) and we should be set for awhile. My husband does the cooking, but maybe if we get into a better system, I'd start more. He'd love that since he works long hours at the change of season.
It's getting late and I have to get some sleep. Still have a ton of work to do tomorrow. Not even close to being unpacked from our move, and I have to make sure I'm ready to do school with at least 3 next week. Possibly print out some work for our prek to do so she doesn't feel left out.

Have a great week everyone!

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