Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday night

Okay, so it's technically Monday morning, sue me. This is my quiet time! lol Been trying to get a few things figured out, and still confused. I do know tomorrow I get to call for a dumpster. Yeah me! Get a bunch of stuff cleaned out and then I can think about one of those PODs. The shed needs to come down and we'll need someplace for the tractor (with plow, so it needs to be in front), lawn mower, trimmer, snow blower, kids ride ons and a few other things.

Planning our menu for the week. Tomorrow will be sausage sandwiches. I'll get them in the crockpot early so the girls can eat when we're at football. Having games Monday and Friday is rough, plus the dinner Thursday nights means a later arrival. Luckily he'll just snack that night! lol

Still have to get to clean out the other house of all our stuff. I'd like to spend some time in the basement tomorrow (maybe I can have 3 kids doing school down there at once??), and start going through some of the stuff down there. I'd like to do an area for yard sale (have one early next year)/online sales. Try to figure out where to put all of the holiday stuff and organize stuff that we just threw in boxes to move. No time for a yard sale now. Too much going on with sports and trying to get organized with doing school with 4 kids!

We're looking to replace our phone. We *had* one with 4 handsets, but 2 broke, and the other 2 are acting up. I need working phones for when teachers call!

Going to start planning next years garden. Our tomato plants grew to be 6' tall! They were as tall as the corn stalks next to them!! There will be some things that need to be moved around, have to build string bean supports, figure something out for cantaloupe (ours ended up rotting from so much rain), and where everything should go.

I'll be poring over books to figure out how I want the backyard. It's a real mess - we stopped doing work because of all of this estate bull. Once that's done, and it's all over, I can start poring over books and websites. Maybe if I can declutter enough, I'll send pics to try to get on one of the DIY shows! Get the yard/ inside done. It would be nice to live in a house that actually looks decent. Our firt house, we didn't even paint for almost 10 years! We had it staged to sell, but had to rush and not everything got done. *sigh* The stuff I have to use for decorating will have to be put in a container or 2 so it doesn't get lost or broken.

It's late and I have a full day tomorrow. I hope to do better on here! Not sure I can do daily, but I can try!!

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