Thursday, September 16, 2010


I know I'll be having some new ladies stop by and just wanted to say hi! I'm not going to get to post the next set of links tonight, but will this weekend. I have to find my "Mommy's Book" where I keep all kinds of links and info to share, then carve out 20 minutes or so to blog. Tomorrow when I take ds to school for the 10 am meeting I'll be helping make PB&J sandwiches for the players for before the game. Come home, school with 2, call to #3's school (got her birth certificate! Now to meet up and finalize her enrollment), more school (behind a bit *sigh*), game, wash, pick up, get displays ready. Come home from game, pack truck for show, get directions, get dh's GPS, lay out outfit for me and dd (9). Saturday is the show. Up early (grrrrr), unload, set up, and hopefully get some interest in ordering/ doing a party. Home, rest, wash, school (get ahead for busy days), get ready for Sunday's show. Get directions, see if I can add any printouts, redo a display board, etc. Saturday is at a church, Sunday is a car show. Will have to plan my displays accordingly. I'll also take a fundraiser packet to our game to give the cheer coach - they get no money from the school. It's all on their own!
It's 100 days until Christmas. Just sayin'! lol Going to try to build on that with getting orders. I'll also make a list of upcoming shows/ events I'll be at - maybe sell some bingo tickets!
I'll see you sometime this weekend!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm tired!

Exhausted really. Managed to get Z completely signed up for school (could have been done earlier, but noone from the school told me the pages weren't scanned and saved right and needed renamed), J is basically done (need to contact the old school for some paperwork) and a call from them to get his classes set up. Still looking for C's birth certificate. I *had* it. I have the copy. Just can't find the actual paper. *sigh* Figure I'll look behind the sofa tomorrow and if it's not there I'll head to the state rep's office again. Yes, that's again. Had to get it to make a copy to sign her up. Lost it already! Definitely need to get organized around here!
I'll be making some calls tomorrow about weekend shows. I'd love to get more exposure and some orders! I'll be working on flyers and displays in between schooling L, searching for C's birth certificate, wash, picking up, and of course, facebooking! lol Friday is more of the same with the added benefit of making 2 pasta dinners (large trays of pasta - probably mac and cheese) for the football dinner all because I didn't have time to call for another volunteer! With losing Monday to a migraine, it really threw me off my game plan for the week.
I finally got a walk in tonight. I'd like to walk more often, but time seems to get away from me. Trying to set up vendor shows, figure out displays, wash (since every time I catch up someone cleans!), declutter, school, surveys, click to earn emails, and more keep me busy. I should try to set up a schedule as I was looking to add a night shift job to the mix. Maybe. I'd need to find out the hours since I won't miss football! If my businesses would pick up I wouldn't worry so much about the money part, but no real orders yet. Too much going on right now and we could use the added money for savings and some small debt that we have. Maybe take a long weekend after football to de-stress a bit. I'd like to do it earlier, but there's the lack of money, and we won't miss football for that. Football is our fun time - we've even started to take the littles with us so they can watch big brother.
Maybe I'll try for a girls night one night soon. Definitely not this weekend! lol

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes, I'm alive!

I know it's been awhile since I was on here, but things are a bit crazy lately. School started for one, will start for the other 3 once we get the paperwork all straightened out! If only I could figure out where I put Cricket's birth certificate, we could get her up and running. I keep calling about the other 2, so I may just have to call and speak to someone higher up!
I broke my left index finger, so typing has been...interesting. I had a splint on it (bought at Walmart) but my finger got all weird feeling (the padding was made of the stuff like the water noodles). So from showering and swimming with the splint on, my finger got all "weird". Now I just deal with hitting it several times a day. *sigh*
Damn! I knew I didn't get to do something today! I have to make a few calls tomorrow for the football pasta dinner Friday. We feed our boys (JV/V) the night before a game. Only pasta, meatballs, salad and bread. No snacks, no treats. Total carbs and proteins to get ready. Being sick yesterday with the migraine from hell really messed up my schedule. Then I lost several hours today. I was doing wash, checking emails, making sure things were ok with the schools, and the next thing ya know I'm getting a pick up call and it's 6pm! Lost most of a day somehow.
I've been trying to declutter. Don't laugh. Really! I am!! I'm checking some books on, but no real luck yet. Figure I can get a new camera at Kmart this week ($139, 14x optical zoom, and 12.2 mega pixels I think). I need it for football and to start selling on ebay and other places. Figure I can do a semi yard sale Saturday. The football game is Saturday night, so I have the morning to sell some big stuff. Just big stuff. Like a fridge, toddler bed, toddler slide, kitchen hutch, and a couple other things. Sell the little stuff online. Everytime I try to sell clothes at a yard sale I get these immigrants (my dd says Nigerian) trying to get clothes for next to nothing. Honestly, most of the stuff is marked at .25!! Can't get much cheaper than that! *sigh* I'm not looking to make a lot of money, but some extra would be nice.
I did a vendor/craft show a few weeks ago. Did ok. Handed out a bunch of flyers and hoping to get some orders. Made contacts for more vendor shows and I signed on for a vendor bingo (donating prizes and a tricky tray item). Hope to get bookings there! Should have a supply of catalogs and some package deal flyers made for that. If I work on them this weekend, I can send them out for printing so I have some to hand out. I'd like to do a couple different variations so I can do mailings to hotels, doctor offices, dentists, etc. Hmmmm. Yep, another reason to be online most of the day! lol
I lost my ATM card last week. Not sure where, so I just cancelled it and am getting a new one sent. Didn't realize how much I use that thing! Getting gas is a hassle now! lol Even had to find the new book of checks since I used the last one to get cash for the game Friday night.
Lots of printing to do tomorrow! Getting organized with my businesses. There's a few places I have to call about shows I'd like to do - hope there's openings! Better get things done before I add the others onto the schooling schedule. I was going to look for a night shift job, but not sure when I could fit in sleep. I know. It's highly overrated, but I do need some! Especially since I drive the football player to the school everyday for gym class/practice.
I'm going to go look for the birth certificate. Maybe I'll get lucky and find it so I can call tomorrow. Get her stuff and finally start her doing regular school.