Thursday, September 16, 2010


I know I'll be having some new ladies stop by and just wanted to say hi! I'm not going to get to post the next set of links tonight, but will this weekend. I have to find my "Mommy's Book" where I keep all kinds of links and info to share, then carve out 20 minutes or so to blog. Tomorrow when I take ds to school for the 10 am meeting I'll be helping make PB&J sandwiches for the players for before the game. Come home, school with 2, call to #3's school (got her birth certificate! Now to meet up and finalize her enrollment), more school (behind a bit *sigh*), game, wash, pick up, get displays ready. Come home from game, pack truck for show, get directions, get dh's GPS, lay out outfit for me and dd (9). Saturday is the show. Up early (grrrrr), unload, set up, and hopefully get some interest in ordering/ doing a party. Home, rest, wash, school (get ahead for busy days), get ready for Sunday's show. Get directions, see if I can add any printouts, redo a display board, etc. Saturday is at a church, Sunday is a car show. Will have to plan my displays accordingly. I'll also take a fundraiser packet to our game to give the cheer coach - they get no money from the school. It's all on their own!
It's 100 days until Christmas. Just sayin'! lol Going to try to build on that with getting orders. I'll also make a list of upcoming shows/ events I'll be at - maybe sell some bingo tickets!
I'll see you sometime this weekend!!

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