Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm tired!

Exhausted really. Managed to get Z completely signed up for school (could have been done earlier, but noone from the school told me the pages weren't scanned and saved right and needed renamed), J is basically done (need to contact the old school for some paperwork) and a call from them to get his classes set up. Still looking for C's birth certificate. I *had* it. I have the copy. Just can't find the actual paper. *sigh* Figure I'll look behind the sofa tomorrow and if it's not there I'll head to the state rep's office again. Yes, that's again. Had to get it to make a copy to sign her up. Lost it already! Definitely need to get organized around here!
I'll be making some calls tomorrow about weekend shows. I'd love to get more exposure and some orders! I'll be working on flyers and displays in between schooling L, searching for C's birth certificate, wash, picking up, and of course, facebooking! lol Friday is more of the same with the added benefit of making 2 pasta dinners (large trays of pasta - probably mac and cheese) for the football dinner all because I didn't have time to call for another volunteer! With losing Monday to a migraine, it really threw me off my game plan for the week.
I finally got a walk in tonight. I'd like to walk more often, but time seems to get away from me. Trying to set up vendor shows, figure out displays, wash (since every time I catch up someone cleans!), declutter, school, surveys, click to earn emails, and more keep me busy. I should try to set up a schedule as I was looking to add a night shift job to the mix. Maybe. I'd need to find out the hours since I won't miss football! If my businesses would pick up I wouldn't worry so much about the money part, but no real orders yet. Too much going on right now and we could use the added money for savings and some small debt that we have. Maybe take a long weekend after football to de-stress a bit. I'd like to do it earlier, but there's the lack of money, and we won't miss football for that. Football is our fun time - we've even started to take the littles with us so they can watch big brother.
Maybe I'll try for a girls night one night soon. Definitely not this weekend! lol

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noelle said...

I need a girls night too. Too bad you're so far away. Hope the stress dies down and business picks up! We are all going to the track meet today. Thankfully the middle school is only a block away.