Thursday, December 17, 2009


Alot has been going on, and unfortunately, not all good. *sigh* Still dealing with the estate issues, have some schooling issues going on, trying to declutter/ clean/ organize, working on 4 separate businesses, raising 6 kids and dealing with a dh who gets pissy cuz the house is a mess, he has to work late/ has a class that he can't make due to being sent out late on a call.
Looks like I'll be going out on Chritmas Eve to finish shopping. I had to pay some bills (someone here has to!), and have no money until then to finish. Definitely will be different next year! I got my organizer together too late this year and didn't even use the thing:(
I still have so much to do in here. Feeling overwhelmed doesn't help me get motivated either. Wrapping presents, cleaning, organizing my stuff/ school stuff/ work stuff, decluttering, cleaning, rearranging, doing surveys, school work, etc. I know tomorrow I have to run my oldest around for her to do some of her shopping. Later dh has his eye appointment so he can get his glasses. Finally! His good pair went out to sea when he wore them in the ocean and got hit in the face by a wave. This pair has spots on the lenses plus the arms are all messed up. Hope they don't take too long to get!
Looking at getting some snow here for the weekend. I only have running to do tomorrow, so I don't care what it does the rest of the weekend! I can work in here and maybe get more mrked off my to do list.
Gathering up the bills to pay has been depressing. Still getting used to paying a separate sewer bill. Living in the city we paid the sewer with our water bill. It's expensive to live out here!
I'm trying to find some more vendor shows apply for. I have some stock for Noah's Ark (and hope to get more soon), and have some nice displays for Uppercase Living (and will be getting a bunch for the spring shows). I'm looking to do some letters to different places to promote these two. Mainly working on these two, and the other 2 I'll keep doing for my discount and possible fundraising opps. Looking for other way to make a few extra dollars while at home. I don't get to sleep much due to stress, so I may as well do something productive!
Maybe after our running tomorrow I'll pull up the carpeting in the hall and kitchen. I need to rearrange the boxes, butcher's block and dresser in the kitchen. Maybe make some room for a table so we can sit to eat. Get the rest of our chairs from the addition so we can eat as a family.
The weekend after Christmas seems like a good time to list some stuff for sale. I'll so my 5 free on ebay, then list some on kidzola and see how that goes. I have a few things I have to get appraised to see if they're worth anything (doubt it). Most of the stuff will be clothes, books, toys, some homeschool books that I'll probably list on the one group I'm on. Try to clear out some of this stuff so we have room to move around. I didn't chose this house, but we're here for the time being. Just need to make the best of it for the time we're here. I was thinking the other day, I've never lived in a house (as an adult) that I *liked* or felt truly at home. How sad is that? There were the 3 apartments (one was noted for drug activity), then the other house was what we could afford at that time to get us out of the druggie apartment complex. Now here. Hasn't been updated in years, stress at every turn, wallpaper on every wall, carpet in the bathrooms, carpet in the kitchen, no back door, shed was falling down, back awning is being held up by sheer willpower, front window has condensation and is drafty, kitchen window is the wrong size (gap at the top, plus the top *falls* down when unlocked), one bedroom window will fall down when unlocked. The list goes on! Then there's the list to do for the township for the CO! ARGH!! Like I have time to spend (and the money) getting all of this done when the house is still in dh's dead mom's name! Just the aggravation of it all added on top of everything else going on. I think I need more chocolate! I gave up drinking and smoking. Need some sort of vice!
Well, looks like all the kids have finally went to sleep - unless my teen son decides to raid the fridge again!!

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