Monday, December 21, 2009

The week before Christmas

Instead of sitting here on the computer, I really should be wrapping presents, doing catch up school, cleaning, wrapping...did I mention wrapping? lol I'm going to be helping a friend with her site, plus I have my other blog I want to update. This week is busier than normal with JJ lifting, cleaning, wrapping, schooling. I really think we'll keep schooling over break since Cricket is behind a little and Lexi wants to move ahead. Just need to get the wraping done so I have room to move in here! Then I can do my cleaning and figure out what to do in here. Might move furniture around. Not sure. I do know I want to get up curtains. These miniblinds just aren't working.
It finally snowed! A bit over 5 inches. Not as much as they called for, but it'll do for now! We better get a big storm this winter! I'm looking forward to being snowed in! *grin*
This Christmas I was seriously unorganized. *sigh* Got *alot* more than I thought (and I can't find a bag or 2). I need to have my organizer done and ready by Halloween next year! I get it from It helps me keep track of who I have to buy for, what I got, stocking stuffers, cards, etc. This year was just going into a store and shopping. Not good!!
I keep losing days. You know how you go around tinking it's one day and it turns out it's a day later than you thought? Yep. Keeps happening to me! I really can't afford to lose any days either.
Maybe I'll try a household organizer. They have them at and I've seen them at Anywhere they have printables, really. Get my bills organized by due date, phone numbers for everyone (including insurance, stores, food places, etc.), fast food coupons, etc. See if that helps with keeping me on task. I'd like to start my own Christmas and vacation clubs. Nothing with the bank, just on my own. See how it goes. Also pick things up during the year. That means I'll have to get the storage rooms in the basement cleaned out and organized! Making me tired just thinking about that! UGH! I do know I need to get back into the furnace room. There's stuff to donate, more to trash, other stuff to put aside for yard sale time, other stuff to sort through. See how much room I can make for containers of decorations, then some empty for gift storage.
My oldest got me a nice pair of K Swiss for Christmas! Yeah!! The Reebok's I have are meshy and are a bit chilly to wear in the winter. Still no boots, but I haven't had tme to go through all the boxes and find all our shoes yet. Maybe when I finally get through all my clothes it'll make some room for me to move around.
Uh oh. Just remembered I have a conatiner of presents in the basement that are back in the one corner. That's going to be fun - not! I may be able to get JJ to get them for me. They need wrapped for Thursday - weather permitting!
Guess that's enough babbling for one day! Better get off here and get something one before I go pick up JJ.

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