Friday, January 15, 2010

January madness

It's about an hour until JJ turns 17. *sigh* Can't believe he's that old all ready! Since he unfriended me on FB, I guess I'll just have to scan in some really cute pics of him as a baby/toddler. Make one my profile pic to celebrate his birthday! Since I have some same friends, he'll know sooner or later! lol
I have to get to bed soon since I have wrestling tomorrow morning. Actually the next 3 Saturdays I have wrestling! I need to print out some labels so I have something to do while taking people's money. Lexi's going with me too, to keep me company.
It's going to be a busy day! Jim works in the morning and then has something after. I'll come home from wrestling to take down Christmas lights, move the wood from out front to in back, clean out the Suburban, pick up the living room, try on more clothes, and work in the girls room. I'd like to do my 5 free ebay auctions and maybe list some other things on different sites. I signed up for, maybe I should try 1 or 2 things there.
Hoping to get our taxes done early this year. Find a nice condo to rent for vacation and send that deposit - make sure Jim actually requests off! Have one week away from here and all of the stress.
All right. Better stop here and get my printing done so I can get some sleep. I'm hoping to finally get rid of my hadache before tomorrow!

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