Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost Wednesday

So much to do and so litle time! I know I have to get into the girls' room tomorrow - and hope I come out alive! Who knows, maybe I'll find another kid in there? There's a few calls to make (one about a Noah's Ark party, one about a fundraiser, then about some charges on our account when I canceled the accounts. *sigh*), cleaning, run Boo to lift, pick him up (hope the Queen of Evil is still home!), paint the rest of the bathroom downstairs so my other half can hang that cabinet. Then there's always school, I have to copy a bunch of papers, mail out some stuff and hit the store quick for some coupon items. Should also call about checks I was to get that aren't here yet. 2 of the places I'll wait until after hours. Just not up to dealing with those people again. I'll be uploading photos for my business site and maybe redoing this one. I'm not too computer literate, but I feel really lame when I look at all the other blogs out there!
Saturday is my last day to man the door at wrestling. Just think, I'll get to sleep in after that! YES!! It's nice to get out of the house, but I am *so* not a morning person!
I'd still like to go visit the local craft mall. See what all they carry. Maybe see about getting a booth there. I can have a ton of printables for the 4 home party businesses (some have issues with selling in places like that), and maybe make pet treats and such to sell there. Since I have *so* much free time anymore! You know, 6 kids, schooling 3, doing preschool with 1, toddler running amok, trying to unpack (only been a year since we moved here!), declutter and keep my sanity. There's more, but quite frankly, I'm too tired to list it all. Luckily my other half does the wash. Don't be jealous, the washer is dying. (Inherited part of the house. Oven already went and was replaced. Not doing anymore until things are settled.) Since he's downstairs (he likes it cooler) where the washer is, he's right there to switch the control to get it to spin. Hoping for a front loader by summer!
It's turning cold here and they want some snow this weekend. Don't have too much to do this weekend that needs to be done outside. I can postpone it easily and just work in here for hours and not make a dent in my to do list.
I'm still looking at sites to share here. I'm looking for freezer cooking sites. My favorite site was shut down suddenly (and without the owners knowledge), so she's working to get it up someplace else. There will be homeschool sites, printables, holiday ideas, sites for teens (pertaining to internships, apprenticeships, etc.), work at home sites (where you actually get paid!), craft sites, and more. I'll be listing stuff tomorrow on a site my friend told me about. It's free, and that means alot right now. If I can, I'll set up a webstore there since I have *so* much to get rid of! Kids clothes, my clothes, maternity clothes, books, schooling books, craft books and more. Just alot of stuff crowding us here and I'd like it to go! I'm finally in a place where I have room to go through the stuff.
I am hoping to be more regular here once I get a little more organized - as long as my sinuses/ allergies co-operate!

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