Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here it is hump day and I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. Dh took a day off since they were slow at work. I'd rather he'd have stayed and saved the paid day off for a family fun day. Need the money right now!
Trying to get some stuff listd to sell - if I can find the free site a friend sent me yesterday. I'll be uploading picture to my other blog for my businesses. I'm having a fundraiser for a local church so they can move their orphanage there. Should take a bit since I'm not sure how to add them to a blog.
I may have someone to buy the truck! Woohoo!! That'll help with bills. Just need to get it emptied out now. *sigh* It was nice using it for storage! lol Still looking for the van's title so that can go too. I know I have to spend more time in the basement to make room for all that'll come in - including the car bed parts for little man.
Tomorrow I get to go to a ladies night out. *grin* Yep, no men or kids allowed. Just hoping to sell the truck so I can buy something! Paid a bunch of bills and now we're waiting for payday again. I did manage to get a bunch of groceries cheap today. A bunch of marked down bread (I took all they had out), plus Hamburger Helper (.84 plus had $1 off 3 coupons I used, and I got all my coupons worth), some yogurts (a 6 pk drinkable for $1 after coupon, then a couple new ones *free* after coupon). I also got the Christmas tree butter for .59 each and picked up a sour cream cheap after coupon. Now I know I need to organize all of my coupons since I can go back Saturday after wrestling for more free yogurts! The littles love it for a snack! I also got pretzels and dh some chips with coupons for $1 a bag. The bigger bags:)
Managed to finish painting the downstairs bath. Not sure why we painted it (okay, that old floral panelling had *something* to do with it!), since it's going to be gutted and redone once things are settled here. Hoping to have this estate settles soon. That's just another stressor in my life, and one I can do without! It make me feel alot better when the neighbors tell us (every time they see us) how much better the house looks since we've been here. Considering how this place looked when we moved in, just knocking it down and starting over would have been better. Not even getting into making the list of what needs done in each room since it'll just overwhelm me. We're just focusing on getting what needs done on the CO to clear that.
I can't wait to do our garden again and this time do more landscaping out front! Definitely need some curb appeal. I'll be looking at the blogs, websites and magazines trying to figure out what do where. We get lot of sun out front (east facing), plus there's not alot of trees in my area. Our garden did well last year, just need to tweak a few things for this year. I'd like to find a community plot so we can add to what we grow. When you feed 8 people, you need to make alot of food!!
I am dreading doing our taxes. Just alot went on last year, and it'll make doing taxes that much more stressful. Then again, I want them done so we can book our vacation. We desperately *need* time away from here. Didn't get to go last year since we had to keep 2 households going (bill wise), finish schooling, and get the other house ready to sell - and me without a car and the other house 6 miles away!
If you want to help with my fundraiser, hop on over to and check it out. Just know I'm new to this whole blog thing:) I will be putting pictures there later tonight. I need to decide which ones showcase Uppercase Living the best.
I've rambled enough for today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn't put you to sleep!

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Kalei said...

Thanks for the info about the new "free" auction site. I'm gonna check it out as soon as I finish typing this. =)
I don't mind ebay, but I would love to find other sites that could be just as useful for purging my crap...I mean treasure. =)

word verification was UNFED....interestingly that is me today. =)