Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Sunday

All day. Rain. Yeah, you know I got nothing done! Well, maybe stuff on my cityville and I cut some coupons. Other than that, nothing! That means tomorrow I have to call about a show Sunday, do some paperwork, call about hubby's meds being faxed over, match up clothes, sort and fold newly washed clothes, run the teens all over, paperwork, and get ready for the next few weekends of shows. Sounds like a regular Monday!
Things have been really kind of boring here lately. Mainly stuff I won't put on a blog for all to see. It's not everyone's business, and I don't want to bore my few readers! lol
I did manage to update my Shelszoo Superstores blog. Nothing too exciting there, except my March is pretty well booked. Calling tomorrow about a show to help, possibly, get some sales. I'd like to build up our vacation fund. I dipped into it to build up some stock for Noah's Ark and Greeting Cakes. If anyone wants to check out what I sell, you can see my sites on my other blog, or Shelszoo Superstores on facebook. I have all my shows listed there. There are a couple that they ask you to bring the flyer so I get credit - it can be emailed.
The other thing going on is Freedom's golf fundraiser. If anyone wants to sign on to golf, or donate a prize, or be a sponsor, just message me here with an email address where I can reach you. It really helps the boys with being able to get them supplies, pay for snacks, and all that good stuff most parents don't think twice about them having.
Been working on our budget. It didn't help when it cost me $89 to fill the tank, and then we get our gas bill for the house and it was *double* last month's bill! YIKES!! Looks like I'll be listing on webstore soon. Time to clear out some of the clothes and books we have lying around. We really don't have the room, and we can use that extra money on these crazy bills! Luckily my truck just needed tires (another $700) for inspection.
Uppercase Living is still having the free expression with every $50 order (up to 3 per order) until the 15th. Great deal! Plus Noah's Ark is having a deal where for every 10 animals you buy, you get a free "baby". The babies are smaller stuffed animals with an outfit. I have 2 myself, and they are cute! They come in a box, so if you don't personally want to keep it, you can donate it, or put it in your gift closet!
Thanks for reading!

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