Sunday, May 15, 2011

I need more time!!

I can't believe it's been 2 months! I think about blogging, then something happens and I get busy. Really need to rework the to do lists. It's looking like I'll be getting a night shift job so we can continue to eat and use the lights. Normally hubby's check would cover everything, but his work is slow, and his checks aren't where I'm used to them being. *sigh* Since my businesses aren't bringing in the money I was hoping they would by now, I have to do what needs done. I'm just hoping I'll be able to still get 6 hours of sleep. I know you're supposed to get more, but it's what I average now.
I'm rethinking some things lately. Reworking my business plans, rethinking future plans. My getting this job will help with all of that. We'll be able to put aside some money and I won't have to deal with all the anxiety over the budget every month.
I'll be listing stuff to sell on webstore this week. Hoping to start later today - after I fold more clothes, sort them and match up stuff for the littles, clean up the master bedroom, unload my truck and start working on all the bags I use for my shows. They're starting to rip and I'm tired of lugging 10 bags when I don't use most of them.
Still looking into housing options along with some other things I'm not going to post in an open forum. Things will be changing, just not sure when. Don't really care if people are happy about the changes, it's something that should have been done, and it's pathetic that's it's still dragging on.
Going to list some kittens on craigslist. We *have* to get most of them out of this house! They're old enough now, we can get them out. Hoping they go fast, because I'm starting to stress over people's attitudes in this house. Like I don't have enough to do, let's add rehoming the kittens!
Ok, rainy week equals me working in the house decluttering, listing on webstore (my store is shelszoo there), organizing business stuff, catching up on calls/emails, finding shows to do, finding places to market my stuff, maybe adding a few more things to my crafts that I make.
I better get busy folding clothes so I can start listing today! Would be nice to get rid of a box or 2 a week. Lots of kids clothes, my clothes and school books will be listed this week.

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