Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day

I managed to get pretty much done this week. Feeling pretty accomplished so far! Monday was the bag sale at the JCC, and since we were there until the end, and they wanted tables cleared, we scored the bags for $1. They were going for $5/bag or 5 bags for $20. SCORE!! Just wish we had some extra time! For the $1/bag deal, I would have grabbed a few bags of stuff to sell! Tuesday I managed to sort and match up the littles clothes. Still have some to match, but I had to send a bunch down to be washed today. Today Yolanda actually cleaned (some) in their room and they can use their closet again. Now I can hang more of Lexi's clothes for her. Once I get some of the clean clothes to fold and sort, I'll be matching more. Found 3 bags worth of clothes to toss. Finally getting rid of the stained stuff or with holes. Still have a ton or more to list - hopefully I'll get to that the end of this week. Tomorrow I have to figure out where I am this weekend, finalize a Daisy Scout party with NA, clean more in this room and try on clothes. I managed to lose some weight when I was sick, now I have to figure out what size pants I am so I can get rid of the rest. Then June 4th is the next bag sale and I'll be able to add to my new smaller size wardrobe!! Yikes! Just realized I should clean out our closet. That means I have to clean in *front* of it first! UGH But I know there's stuff I can get rid of, plus some cold weather stuff I can pack away. Should get a tote for those clothes.
Saturday I'll be at a Light the Night event. Really hoping to make some sales/get orders! Means I get to donate money to the organization, and get some sales on record! Plus if I sell/get orders for diaper/towel cakes, it means I get to make more! lol I hope to be able to sign up for a few more events coming up. One is up the line a bit, so I'd have to do the NA party for gas money! Then there's one June 11th that's a BBQ type event. I don't have anything really *foodie* except the Greeting Cakes. I'm going to have to reread what he said about food being sold. See if I can do any of the rubs to sell. I'll have a bunch of kitchen towel cakes and that kind of stuff, plus the rest of my stuff I sell.
I have to email the one school tonight. Still no check and I want to get in the withdrawal form. It's pathetic, but it's been over a week and they're not that far away! That money could come in handy with these gas prices. Especially since I seem to have a child who thinks I have to have gas to take her to/from work daily. $80/week, when she doesn't pay me that much for RENT a month total. Something's going to have to give. I can't even get a job working night shift because I have to wait for her call to get her. 2 hours a day I waste driving her (no highways). Yeah, cuz I don't have anything else to do!
At least 2 more emails will need to be sent. Not going to waste money on postage for these people. Also a call. Planning to do that after hours since I'd rather not deal with attitude. Snarky ass people should just steer clear of me. I don't care how much schooling you have, I don't care what your paycheck looks like, you're still an ass. Go and don't help someone else!
I have to start getting the forms for the schools for C and Z. I should have forms for Z printed, just need to start the tedious process of filling them out, getting things copied, and mailing them in. C will be different since I want to do some more work with her before I start her paperwork and I want her tested (these idiots didn't listen to me about that) to see where she should start. We can always work quickly so she can get to where she "should" be according to her age. These idiots decided she should be placed with her age. Umm, yeah, it's called testing and I agreed to it. Never again!
Still looking to move. Far, far away. One reason to declutter and start to put money aside. I look daily (sometimes more than once a day) at houses there, rentals, etc. I have a plan, it just depends on how much we leave here with. Since you usually can't get a mortgage until you've been at your job at least 1 year, it looks like we'd have to rent (WAY cheaper rents there!!), and save for a house. Which is ok, since the housing is cheaper there. Hubby's work is in demand there, and I've been looking into shows I'd be able to do (pricing, etc.).
Ok, bedtime. I've still got a major list of things I have to get done this week!

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