Friday, June 17, 2011


What a yucky day! Weather isn't sure if it wants to rain or not, but it's muggy none the less. *sigh* Would be nice if they'd get us our a/c unit and hook it up! Our poor animals are suffering and us 2 legged peoples aren't doing so well either.
Thinking I'll put stuff out at a yard sale tomorrow. Nothing too exciting, just some kids clothes, but I'd like to put up my vendor displays as well. Maybe hand out some flyers and cards. Never know where you'll get a sale!
Sunday I have a vendor event for a playground fundraiser. A bit further than what I'd like right now, but should get some sales since it's for the playground! I have to get busy with my hair clips. If I can do some clips this weekend, I can sell the Sunday. I should clean out my business closet to see if I can make room for other stuff I make. Mainly the bath stuff. No room for the dog beds here and I won't do the candy cakes with no upcoming shows - no need to tempt little man needlessly!! lol I'm holding off on signing up for more shows, just because I can never be sure if hubby will have to work weekends or not. Luckily there's some car show on Sundays I can do for exposure.
If anyone (all 3 of you, and anyone that tumbles across this) wants to check out my webstore, I have a store there named "Shelszoo". Right now it's my stuff with some teen clothes, and I hope to add more this weekend. Just have to sort the clothes taking up space in here so I can find the original clothes I took pictures of and get them listed. Then I can start taking more pictures, upload them and get them listed. Add in I'm looking for a night job, to help us make ends meet, and I'll be lucky to have any hair left by the time school starts up again. Oh, yeah, except I school at home! lol I guess I can work the night job until my sanity gives or I just sleep around the clock or something. As long as we can actually pay all the bills and have money for food and maybe put some away for our move, I'll be happy. Happier if people start buying my stuff on webstore so it gets less cluttered in here! *grin*

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