Thursday, August 4, 2011


All ready? Really?? Yikes! I managed to start the enrollment process for the 2 little ones for school, of course I had issues, so I have to wait for the school to get back to me. Then the packages will start. A lot of them. That's why one day next week I'll spend time getting ready for the dozens of boxes we'll be getting. Have to figure out where 2 more desk tops will go, then all of their school books. Maybe some small totes for the misc stuff, keep the workbooks on the bookshelf. May need to grab another one to fit everything.
Did manage to get some clothes sorted today. Not all, and there's a bunch left, but it's a good start. I'd love to sort my clothes tomorrow. See what all I have, pack some away for when we own a house (clothes to wear to paint, do yard work, etc.), try on more. Maybe then I can start listing more to sell. See if I have more luck on yardsellr than I do on webstore. Might list some other stuff on webstore though.
I still have more planning to do for the move. I want to contact another realtor here about a foreclosure deal. Renting, not buying. We definitely want to move next year. Would help us save more money since the rent is so high here.
No real shows on the books for August. I should get busy and look for some fall shows, but I just don't have the energy right now. I'm working on more headbands to keep me busy. I managed to finish a thinner one yesterday while waiting at football. Just need to finish it off, then one of my girls can wear it to model it for me. I'll work on some lined gator clips later. I'll do plain and with some embellishments on them.
They want it to get hot just in time for football to start. Poor kids! I better get lunch stuff in the house for us since JJ will be gone all day soon. Yolanda works most days and usually doesn't eat before, but she might if I have some quick lunch stuffs around. I'd like the guys to do a session or 2 of making breakfast sandwiches to freeze. Then I know JJ would eat before he left for the day. I'll have to go through my coupons and plan out some deals first. I'd like to have some dinners done too for long days. More crockpot meals for the hot days.
I've been so tired lately and I've done nothing to warrant it to this degree. Although I am still thinking about working a night shift job. Just figuring out the logistics of getting people where they need to be, watching the littles, sleep. We'll see how things go in the next couple of weeks. If I clean out at least one storage unit, it'll help a bit. Selling a bunch online would help even more.
Anyone care to help me take pictures, download them and start listing stuff to sell? It actually shouldn't take me too long, it's the littles getting into stuff that'll keep me from getting a lot listed.
Guess that's all for now. Nothing much been going on. Just football, heatwaves, and driving.

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