Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is not a good week for me. Been doing way too much thinking and that's never a good thing with me. I did manage to find my batteries so I can start listing tomorrow. Planning to make a couple of headbands and glue more ribbons so I can start more. Maybe take them to the dinner so I can work on them while I'm sitting there. I can glue some hair clips tomorrow. I need to clear a space for them to "set" where the cats don't attack them. Going to try to get some inventory built up for a big show coming up. Once I get all the paperwork in for the girls to start school, and I have a good amount listed for sale, I want to work on my resume. I need to make money for *me*. Not too sure about things right now, and I'll feel better if I can support my kids. Just need to make it until November when football is over. Do school a much as possible to work ahead, list stuff to sell, start to look in boxes in the basement, do some weekend shows, get a night job. The only time I can work since I have to work around other peoples schedules. Maybe start working earlier than that. We'll have to see how schooling goes.
Did you ever just sit down and take stock of your life and wonder where all the years went? Like you were just treading water and you have some regrets? I don't regret my kids, but there are a few other aspects I regret. Now I have to dust myself off and make plans from here on out. I'll need to take my own advise and do what's best for me from now on. Scary as it is, it's time!
I hope to get working on my blogs more than a post here and there and a month goes by. They say to have a good log that could also bring in money, you have to blog 3 times a week at least! Wow. Not sure what all I actually do 3 times a week! lol
At least the weather has cooled down some. No more 100's! Maybe I'll get some time to rearrange some in my one storage unit - so I can get some stuff out of my aunt's since it seems to be bugging people who it shouldn't.
Did I mention I'm not happy? Not that I'm sad per se, just not happy. Discontented. Unsettled. Yes, definitely time for a change. Going to have to do some research and make sure I can get the support I'll need from my friends.
If you feel so led, kindly keep me in your prayers. I'm going to be needing all the support I can get!

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