Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene was here

We managed to survive a hurricane with no damage (personal), no power loss, and no flooding. We had some water in our basement, but just a minor leak that we always deal with when it rains.
Trying to get ready for some upcoming shows. I'm booked Sunday and a friend sent me an fb invite for one Sunday. It's kind of far, but if it actually has people that show up, it may be worth my time. Just not sure if my helper and I could manage to make enough stuff (other than what I sell through direct sales), to sell. With driving people to and from work, to and from practice, plus our first pasta dinner, making PB&J's, first game...this is going to be a crazy busy week!
I definitely ned to work in this room today so I can spread out and craft and get a tote in here to store the finished product. I have to make my list of printing I have to do (labels, pricing signs, journal jars, gift in a jar labels/ instructions), because we all know my memory is shot! Yesterday, I was going to get my papers and I completely pass the strip mall entrance and drive like I'm going to take the teens where they have to go. Totally passed where I had to go! Think that means I drive them too much! If we could swing the insurance, I'd be up to another driver. Major issue is we can't afford another car. This payment is a killer!
My crafting season is starting to heat up. I need to find some time to get some more stock made and ready to sell. My helper is starting her own little venture now as well. Tonight we hope to be able to start some projects. Just depends on the rest of the crew here. Everytime we start stuff they seem to need us for something.
Going to start listing on yardsellr, so go check it out! I have literally a TON of clothes that I need to sell! Plus school books and other goodies. Finally picked up some priority boxes at the PO the other day, but I'll need to do an online order and hope they actually deliver it this time!
Time to get busy!!

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