Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Let's see if I can blog a bit more regularly this year! lol Things have been a bit crazy - including a move on short notice and starting to do craft/ vendor shows. Add in 6 kids, schooling half, starting to potty train, and getting crafts made for shows and you know why I have been missing.
My hubby actually is interested in moving to SC now! Oh, don't even get me started on that! Let's just say, I get listings from 2 agents down there - 1 in Myrtle Beach, the other is bank owned in all of SC. I'm looking at one condo to get as a rental so we'd have some kind of income. I'll be asking the second realtor about buying bank owned real estate, if we'd need to get the loan through someone in SC, etc. I know ho wit works up here, but I also know every state is different.
Going to spend this year building up my businesses. I spent some time looking up shows for this year. Now to get some money to send in the apps and make more product and get some inventory. I could probably book up most of March, April and May. I do have to watch with football starting. I know there's some camps and I'd like to be available as one of the moms that helps out with drink and snacks. It's his last year (*SOB*) and I don't want to miss any of it! Better stock up on tissues now. *sigh*
I've been trying to get a bit more organized. Not sure how long it'll last, but once I can get the kids a bit settled doing school, I'll start sorting more of the boxes in the basement. Hubby and I folded and sorted clothes today, and I'll bring in the littles stuff to our room and match up outfits (easier to hang) this week. It's mainly a space issue. No room for dressers, so I have to work with the closet and cubbies. Also have to leave room for the oldest. She is supposed to be looking for a job. Not sure how well that's going. She did work for a bit over the holiday, but it was only seasonal. If she's so gung-ho about moving out, she better get her butt in gear and job hunt!
I spent some time tonight looking for a couple more crafts to make. Just some of the easier stuff - like altered paint cans. If I can, I'd like to see about making some of my own wrappers for popcorn and such. The one woman I contacted about a show asked me what crafts I do - after I told her. Not sure she "gets" that gifts in a jar and wrappers *are* crafts.
On another note...our Abby is pregnant! Looks like Riptide (who we got as an abandoned stray while in MB) figured out how to use his equipment and got one of the twins in a "family way". lol The 5 yo says they have to get married now. The only reason why both aren't preggers is Ziva usually fights with him. She had been friendly when she was in heat, but I don't think he had it all figured out at that time! lol
Hoping to get some furniture moved this week. I have to get my tables (for shows) out of the walkway so people don't trip over them. Maybe get rid of the one dresser with a missing drawer.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again!!

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