Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy, snowy

Just another snowy day here in eastern PA. Of course, I happen to live in the one area where we're not getting as much snow as predicted. *sigh* That could be a good thing as my tires are pretty bad (c'mon tax refund!!), but I really have no place to go. Since it's a winter wonderland outside, I should spend some time doing stuff inside. Like sort clothes, catch up on some school with my littles, go through some boxes, get ready for the upcoming craft/vendor shows. Especially the last one! I'm adding some crafts to what I sell, because as we all know I have so much extra time! lol
Maybe if I can get on a regular schedule I can post more on here. I have a bunch of links I want to share, just never seem to find the time to blog. I do want to try to do better, maybe get more followers. See about sharing links I have saved for various reasons. I have a bunch on different ways to do charity work. Then there's some work at home ideas. A bunch for homeschooling and printables for kids.
All this talk that's been going on about what's in fast food is really making me want to stock up our cabinets and freezers so we're not tempted to go hit one of them on a crazy night. We should be able to do up a bunch of different meals once our refund gets here. I have my coupons mostly ready for a good stock up trip. I'll need to fine tune the sorting and make sure all the expireds are out. then I'll wait for the match ups to see what we use and what would be a good deal for us.
It's late and I would like to update my business blog before I get some sleep!

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