Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stomach Bug

Yep, it's hit us here. Hard. Hubby says I'm the only one not puking. Oh joy. So I'm stuck in the bedroom hoping I don't start. TV doesn't have a working remote (I'll have to remedy that!), and we only have one bathroom. I'm trying to time my potty breaks for when I don't hear any moaning or rushing for the toilet. *sigh*
This is not a good start to the year. Had some other stuff going on here, plus my grandmother was in the hospital for a week. She's been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Plus my grandfather is sick. Yeah, just not a good start.
I'm still looking for places to have a craft/ vendor event before they all start up. I'll spend some of my quality alone time checking the hotel replies and trying to find a place big enough that doesn't want an arm and leg! I have some crafts I'd like to make, but that'll wait until closer to show time for most. I can do some printing, if I can get on Jim's computer. Unless I bring up Cricket's and see if I can get it to work now.
I really have to redo my to do list. I know I have calls to make, printing to do, school to get to with 3 kids, start another one doing some school, plus I have to go through boxes in the basement and sort the littles clothes then match them into outfits (for the most part). Make life easier if they have an outfit they can just pick out of the closet. No more Zoe wearing polka dotted pants and a striped shirt - with no matching colors! lol I'll also start on my webstore again. Get that up and running. See how much I can list at once and keep my sanity. Try to get some decluttering done while I'm in the mood. Helps that we could use the money. Payday fell wrong and things are a bit hairy, but it'll pass.
I better get some sleep so I can get something done tomorrow! If I'm lucky, I may even move around our bedroom. Not getting into the littles room to move stuff around, so I'll just work where I can.

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