Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've decided!

I think I may be certifiable, but I've decided to jump in and join other bloggers with giveaways! Now I really need to learn how to pretty up my page, add pictures and all of that good stuff.

I was planning on doing posts this weekend, then Saturday we ended up at the laundromat longer than planned and Sunday was a headache kind of day. *sigh* So nothing I planned to do actually got done. In an rv that tends to be problematic. We still need to sort the clothes we have put away, then sort the clothes we just washed.
One thing I've managed to do is work on a list of blog topics. If I'm going to be blogging daily (or close to it), I need to have things to talk about. For people who know me, it's shocking that I would need a list! lol I can pretty much talk any one's ear off, but I don't want to bore people and chase them away!
Today is such a windy day here! Being on the beach makes it a bit worse, and this rv is rocking! Otherwise it would be a gorgeous south Texas day! Almost 70 out, but these winds will knock over a person!
If anyone has a book or product they'd like me to review, just let me know! I won a bunch of books I'd like to read and review (for the site I won them from), but I will put my friends goodies ahead of them. :)
One of my future posts will be about going to the laundromat as opposed to wash at home. Which is more cost effective? I really can't say right now since I can't do wash here, so I can't take the bills and see if there's a change in electric and water. Of course, there's also the time issue. If you get to the laundromat and have to wait on machines, that cuts into your time. We had 2 weeks worth of clothes to wash, and had to wait on machines, so our trip took a bit longer than usual. Normally we can be in and out in under 3 hours. Then we drive around and see if there's any yard sales or stop at the store if we need to pick up something.
Is there anything you'd like me to talk about? Nothing political or religious please!

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