Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What day is it?

Yes, it's been one of those weeks, and according to the computer it's only Tuesday! Since I'm using a prepay hot spot, one of the issues is running our of GB. It happened Friday before I realized it and didn't get a new card until late Saturday. We went out as a family Saturday (for the first time in forever!). Stopped at the "Trade Market" which is basically a large indoor flea market similar to one back home. Tried to find the 2 craft stores (craft consignment stores, not Michael's or the like). Turns out one must have closed it's doors and the other one we missed it being open by minutes. *sigh* Story of my life! By this time we're getting hungry, so we decide to go out for supper. While Corpus has a lot of options, most are the chain restaurants, and quite frankly, not impressive. So I talk hubs into a place I took our oldest for her birthday. They don't have a great selection of food, but their burger was good and it's on the beach, so the view is amazing! We get seated and have to split up between 2 tables separated by a pole (they called the tables surfboards). Ok, no problem. We get menus and our drink order was taken fine. Get our drinks. Waiting...waiting...waiting. Like I said, they have maybe 15 or so supper entrees. The waiter who took our drink order is standing right over there, looks STRAIGHT at us, goes and starts to clear a table. Not in the mood people! I go to the hostess and ask for our check for drinks since we can't get anyone to take our order. We're leaving. I show her who our server was and she told me we don't have to pay for drinks since we didn't eat. Ok. The hubs tells me in the truck that the table was actually separated by servers as well. The girl who had my side (me and the oldest little on one side, hubs and the rest on the other), was having a fit cuz she didn't want to wait on us. WTF? We tip according to the check. Yes, we may have 6 in our party, but we've never stiffed a tip. After leaving Corpus, we went to the diner the hubs wanted. I thought it looked closed since there were signs in the windows, but he said they were adding a patio. All righty then. Turns out they had a fire. Yes, our luck doesn't change people! lol We finally decided on the one Mexican place up the road. It was a nice surprise to have a *good* meal, with good service. There's another restaurant (same name) up closer to us, but the one time we went in there, we couldn't get seated! Stood around while the waitresses passed by, some saying hi, some ignoring us. We left after 5 minutes. We have to say we're not impressed with what is offered in the way of places to dine around here. For a college town that also attracts winter residents, spring breakers and vacationers, I would expect more. I know we had more options (of the non chain variety) back home. Just another reason we're anxious to get our own place so we can eat in and have control over our meals!
I went to bed Saturday with a headache that lasted all day Sunday and lingered Monday. This wasn't my usual migraine that knocks me out, this was at my right temple and just did me in. Not good when we could actually do stuff since hubs didn't have the on call phone!
Managed to get to my friends house and get our mail. Since my truck was acting up for awhile, then died and it sat for over a month, my mail has really piled up. I've been winning book contests, so they've been arriving as well. It didn't take me long to do the actual mail portion of what we brought home - credit card statements, bank statements, junk - but the books? Opened each one, then on to the website so I can mark they arrived. Had a problem since I have some I can't mark off yet, but turns out I won 2 other contests! One was a book, the other was 2 CD's. Not sure I'll listen to the CD's, but they were free! lol Just glad I didn't win any big stuff like the washer/dryer, fridge, grill, etc! Next time I'll give her more warning that we're on our way. Might have other stuff that got put elsewhere.
Last night Jim and I took a walk while the kids watched a movie. Went to the fishing pier and talked to some of the people there fishing - yes, at night. There was a dolphin! I wasn't sure if they'd come in where we are (not sure of water depth here), but there it was just swimming around, looking for some food. It got one while we were there too. I don't care what anyone says, being able to see a dolphin in the wild like that makes a day better. Wouldn't be able to see that back in PA, that's for sure!
Since we were out most of yesterday I figured today we'd stay home and try to get stuff done. I had the littlest do some school on here, but I'm still hoping to get a bit more cleaning done in here. At least we could open windows today to air things out a bit. With the pets and gassy people, it was starting to get unpleasant in here, and we can't do candles due to the animals. Nice bay breeze will clears things out nicely!
I've started the process for a new source of income. Not sure it'll happen, but I can always hope! I have more work to do, but I think it's looking pretty good so far. I'm not going to talk about it just yet, but I'm hoping soon I'll have some good news to share! Part is to help fund retirement, part is my fear something will happen to hubs and I'll have no income and end up out on the street with the kids.
Hope your week is starting off better than mine! Anything exciting going on for you? Any plans? Maybe a field trip?

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