Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying again

Let's see if I can keep internet with my new hotspot while at the state park. We do know it didn't get reception in the wooded area, but we're now bayside and seem to do pretty well, so far. I do get some breaks in service, but usually at night when I'm doing some contests or pinning.
I'm trying to restart my blog as a way to share ideas on crafts (for kids and adults), recipes, reviews of books/products, homeschooling sites/ideas and more! Right now we're still in the motorhome, but I do have a few emails out (they didn't leave a number on their ad) to see a few rentals. Crossing fingers we get to move this weekend! Living in a motorhome when it's in the 40's and there's no heat isn't the most fun we've had since we've moved!
We managed to get my truck running again - after about a month of it sitting. Hubby and a co-worker had changed out a pulley and something, but said the alternator tested fine. Turns out the car place didn't properly test the alternator! So, we were able to pick one up Saturday and get it in, and I even got to drive to get my papers on Sunday! Woot!
Anyone else getting free kindle books? I get a bunch of pages on my facebook feed, and a few have links for free kindle books. While I don't get all of them, I do have over 200 books on my pc kindle now. Add in the books I've managed to win in the contests, and I could really use and extra few hours a day to spend reading!
Since we're mobile again, I'd like to do a field trip. The kids and I didn't get to do too much before the truck died, and we're still new to the area. I'll be checking into a few places this week to see what we can do for free/cheap. Maybe we'll take a drive to the beach (because, well, we can! lol), but I would like to do something a little more school related. Maybe an historic tour or something.
I know making money while staying at home is an issue for a lot of my friends, so I'll be posting some ideas/ places that hire home workers. I'll also share links I've gathered from magazine articles and books on career changes, what you should be doing (personality tests), etc. Try and help someone get into a job they actually like instead of something they drag themselves to everyday.
This week I hope to work on a schedule for posting - and post daily. I will be talking about long distance moves, living in an RV/motorhome, state park living and more. If you would like to see anything, please ask! I'll do my best to work it into a post. My oldest little and I have been talking about her blogging as well. Maybe let her do one post a week on different topics.
I would leave you with a picture, but for some reason I can't access my photos on my laptop.
Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon! Once I get more followers I plan to do a giveaway. Not sure what yet, but I'll let you know when I get that organized.

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