Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day!

I've made it halfway through the week! When a week starts with a headache, it's always a bit of a gamble. We didn't get much done this week, but at least my headache is totally gone now. Due to the high winds, the kids took down their tent today. Unfortunately I think one of the poles broke, so I don't know if e can put it up again. It's where they like to go to read, play and chill since there's room in there to spread out. Not sure we can buy any of the poles to replace what broke. Hoping business picks up for hubby, but with the temps at a nice 60/70 range, people don't need heat or their air running. Luckily they have some business accounts with scheduled maintenance. The one new guy keeps being sent home early, I'm just glad hubby isn't losing too many hours right now! This is the perfect time for people to schedule cleanings and routine maintenance on their systems. Before the harsh weather hits and you have to wait. Found out the one direct sales company I was with has me as inactive until I pay $99 to re-up. Since I can start a business for that in direct sales, I think I'll pass. It wasn't a good fit for me anyway, so I'll move on. Looking into some other options right now. My email really piled up when we were without internet for a week! I had just cleared out my inbox right before that, and managed to spend some time last night weeding out some outdated contests. Hoping i can finish the click to earns and surveys this week, so I'll just have daily mail to deal with every day. Looks like the hubs is home. Have to figure out supper! What direct sales companies do you think do the best business? Which do you think would do well as an online business a well as in person? Does anyone here do any direct sales?

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