Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday

We're having a lazy Saturday here at the state park. Funds are low with the big bills coming out of this pay, so trying not to waste gas. They did get the tent back up - it was knocked around during a wind storm here. Hubs was able to fix some of the posts that were damaged, so the kids have their space to play and room to spread out to sleep.
I managed to catch up on my mail today! When we were in the wooded area we didn't have internet. You can only imagine the build up! I do several click to earns, surveys, I follow blogs, plus I do contests. Now I have some contests saved (the dailies), all click to earns and surveys are completed, and a few blogs were saved since they're offering blog opportunities for giveaways. Let's hope I can keep it this way now!
My oldest will be coming by Monday - I hope! She's the one I've been waiting on to help me pretty up my blogs. Get the top banner, side buttons and avatars for the family put on here. Right now it looks so *blah*.
I managed to get a mailbox here in town. Having to run in to my friend's house every week was a killer! It ate up my afternoon (and gas), and I fell behind on what I needed to do. Always nice to see her and the baby staying there, but we're hoping to move a bit closer in a bit.
The housing situation hasn't changed. Still in the rv that has issues - like leaks and mold. *sigh* I'll be doing our taxes soon, plus I'm hoping to work on the hubs' credit reports. I found a site that has templates or letters to send to the bureaus. There's the letter for the "looks" which can hurt our score, and letter when you're disputing a claim on your report. Now to find someone who can print them for me or get a cheap printer. I *have* a good printer in storage, but I owe him money, and we put it in the back corner. Behind a gazillion or so boxes! Maybe my oldest can pick one up cheap on her way out here along with a pack of paper. Then I can get it all done in one day and plan a trip to the PO for stamps and to get a few other things mailed out. Would be nice if people would work quickly and get things done. I know his credit took major hits when we were house hunting. It seems like the mortgage people wanted to check his credit all.the.time. Not good for your numbers! So now I get to do letters and hope for the best. Maybe we can buy a house instead of rent. It's going to take some planning, but I think we can get it done. I'll be posting about our second foray into Texas home ownership!
While it's a long shot, I have a hope things work out in another direction. I'm not ready to give details yet, but I do promise to let you know what it is, and the steps I took. Hoping to help someone else thinking about taking the same step!
Anyone have any goals for this year? Not resolutions. Goals. And a manageable breakdown to accomplish them? I'll be posting mine next time!

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