Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's Tuesday all ready?? At least I managed to get into town yesterday. Hit the PO and picked up a few groceries to get us through the rest of the week. Also picked up my oldest and brought her out for a visit for a bit. Kids were happy to see her!! I should have gotten the picture of the littlest 2 lying with/on her while watching a movie. Too cute!
So far I've managed to stay caught up on mail, but doing the contests is taking up time. Wish we had another computer, I could put my oldest little to work for one site. She enjoys it, and she gets her work done early enough to be able to help.
Still no luck on the housing front, although I may have found us a different park to stay - cheaper and with included electric and cable. I'll have to try to contact them again so we can move this weekend. They just need a bathhouse (for showering), since we can't use our shower - smaller than a closet in there! Would also be nice if there was room for the kids to set up their tent. They enjoy sleeping in there and having that space to stretch out.
Today is the day! I'm going to attempt to do our taxes. *sigh* The federal is pretty easy, but we did a cross country move. Luckily we let our old state June 30th, so exactly half of the year, and that job stopped then as well. Although he was getting vacation pay for a few weeks after we left. Hmmmm. Whatever! I'm not stressing over any of that, just going to file online so we can get our money.
I gave my oldest my info to pretty up my pages here, so I'm hoping she can get to that quick. I'm looking at joining in on a giveaway or two, and possibly doing one of my own. I just don't want people stopping by now, since my page is pretty ugly:(
If I had the energy I'd post some clip art to go with my post today, but I'm drained. I think this rv living and trying to deal with landlords down here is just draining whatever energy I have today. Luckily my kids are taking it pretty well. They think o it as an adventure, which is good since I hope to upgrade the rv for vacations. This one will be dismantled and sold for scrap (no matter that we won't get much out of it), since it's leaky, moldy and old. Time to put it to rest!
I think that's enough of my ramblings for today. I have a few more surveys and contests to do yet, and I want to start on the taxes before the hubs gets home.
Do you all do your own taxes or go to someone? Have you ever traveled in an rv?

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