Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This past week and a half have been crazy!! I normally pick a Saturday or Sunday for us to move since we need the hubs' work truck to move our grill. When I went to pay for another week at the state park though, I was told they were booked up. So I had to quick call around and find a new place. Not the easiest in the middle of a south Texas winter when all of the winter Texans have come down! I found us a place (way cheaper!), when the one ranger came to let me know they had a cancellation. Thanks, but I'd rather pocket the almost $400 a month difference!
That Saturday we had the Mardi Gras parade for hubs' work, then lunch with the boss' and coworkers. After that we did some shopping - always needed after moving. Basically a lost day!
Since we spent Saturday running around our wash had piled up and was waiting for us! Off to the laundromat. Sundays are always busy there, and that day was no exception. We left later than planned, and people let their wash and were late getting back to move it to the dryers, so wash day was longer than we planned. Oh well! We still have to get organized in here to get it all away and out of my truck!
Monday we had my oldest here for a bit. The kids and I visited her at her work, and had chips and salsa while waiting for her. Poor thing was exhausted and ended up falling asleep on Blondie. Had to wait for hubby (I have the only RV key right now) so I could take her home. Tuesday our one cat (only 2 years old) just laid down and died. *sigh*  Poor Bug comes running back to me, telling me Sherbert is just lying there and won't move. We have no clue why he died, and I'm really missing him, as he was the one who would come back to lay with me while I was on the computer. Such a snuggle bug! Wednesday I was out of commission with a headache. Not quite my usual debilitating migraine, but enough that I did nothing and tried to sleep it off. Thursday was Valentine's Day, so of course, the hubs was pissy. Not like we ever really celebrate that day - I prefer the day after when chocolate is half off! Friday was payday, so the kids and I were able to stock up on some food. Saturday we had clear, so we figured yard sales! Stopped at the one RV park, walked around their sale, go to the truck and it won't start. Now we just replaced the alternator, and the transmission is getting iffy (needs a flush and new filter). Sometimes it doesn't go into gear right and then won't start. Nope, sounds like the starter. CRIPES!!! We still don't know many people down here, so he called the only person he does know who knows cars. While waiting hubs called looking for a starter to make sure they were in stock and a price. *sigh* While we're waiting, we notice next door (another RV park) is having a car show. Turns out it was only 5 or 6 cars, and a craft show! So the kids and I walked around, I got a few cards for things I want to buy (thinking I was going to shell out money for a starter, I wasn't shopping) and when I got back they were working on the beast. Turns out it was a $5 part and we're on our way again! Finally something going my way!! After that, we hit a few more yard sales (most were packed up by then), and decided to drive around looking at some houses I saw on realtor.com. Good thing we did since it narrowed down our list a bit. We were invited to a birthday party for their daughter on Sunday, so that's where we ended up Sunday. We also managed to pay storage, see I'm going to have fun dealing with mold when we move and clean out storage, and do some shopping. Hubby got to play COD Sunday, so he was happy!
That brings us to yesterday, when I was trying to catch up on stuff and signed up to be a Passion Parties Rep and get on the waiting list for Origami Owl.
While scrolling through my facebook feed I notice my oldest was in a music video (Spanish song). I'm friends with her agency and they posted the link. Really good. She's basically the main person in the video, except the band. Here's to this leading to other good parts for her!!
Ok, I think I bored y'all enough for one day! Hoping to get back tomorrow and talk about some suicides that have happened in the news lately.

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