Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday - I lost a day!

Don't you hate when you do a blog post and the computer shuts down because of an update? One you can't postpone? It happened to me yesterday and I just wasn't up to redoing the post. Sorry! Not that it was anything earth shattering, but it was a nice post. I finally finished our federal taxes. The place I was going to use wanted to charge me. Really? For a simple form that noone else charges for? I don't think so! So off I went to H&R Block online. Put in numbers, added kids, and tahdah! Done! Now to hope everything is ok and goes through in time. I do know the hubs' birthday has been wrong or them for some time, but I remembered and put it in "wrong" until he can get his birth certificate, and whatever else he needs and hit the Social Security office. I mean, just one year doing taxes and it kept being sent back. I tried to explain to people that his birthday isn't going to change from end of month to beginning, but you know, red tape is always right! lol I managed to write out 2 business plans yesterday, now to type them up, save them and upload them. Need fingers crossed, candles lit and spells cast for good luck! Almost found us a place to move, but they didn't have a bathhouse. So no new RV park. There is a mobile for rent, but I'm not sure about the park it's in. I think it's the one that kinda scared us as we drove past. You know the kind. Looks run down and iffy on the people living there. Then there's an apartment, but the hubs would have a longer drive in to work and may affect his on call status. We *need* that overtime he gets from being on call, so that may also be a no go. *sigh* Just doesn't seem to be much available right now, and I desperately need to get out of here. Guess it's back to searching! I'm planning on getting some items to review and do giveaways. I'd prefer to be in a place where I have an actual work space, so it may be put off for a little bit. I'd love to do some books - whether they want to do just the book I review or do a basket or something else. If the oldest can get me on wordpress, that would be great - just don't know how easy it is to actually post there. I downloaded it, now it's missing! Not sure where it went or where to look! I'm not a computer literate person, that's for sure! I need something that I can log in, type up my post, spell check, and post. Nothing crazy with html or other computer jargon needed! Ok, off to work on my big ideas! What are your long range goals? Anyone want to be self employed? Own rental property? Long vacation?

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