Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So much for good intentions! Every time I plan out posts and how I can get things done, something happens. Since I rely on my hot spot, it turns out it starts to act wonky. The hubs says it's when it's windy out that it acts up. I think it knows I want to get stuff done! lol
I was planning a post on suicide, since Mindy McCready and Mark Balelo both were in the news last week. I was going over the post in my head and was okay with posting it, but can't seem to bring myself to it this week. Too much going on and on my mind, I guess.
While researching adult companies to rep for, a friend posted her company's awesome sign on deal. I knew it was a good company and she rocks the biz, so I signed up!I am now a Passion Parties Diva! I also signed on for Origami Owl. Well, once I get the email with my info to sign on, I will. I was on the waiting list and got an email yesterday saying it was time! Pretty quick! I want to call about the Market Days here to set up a booth. See about getting the word out that I do a few direct sales. When we walk around I only see Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, and Jamberry. Not sure they have others down here. Well, I have seen it works! here also, and I do that as well, but I'm not as active there.
Finally paid off our old electric bill. Should get off of the hubs' credit for March, so his numbers will go up again. I've been doing the house search thing like crazy. Every day, every night. I'll have 3-7 windows open. Email, facebook, sweepstakes, craigslist and realtor.com. Redid our search critieria to a 2 bedroom with at least 1.5 baths. If it's cheap enough, we can do 2 bedrooms. We can add on down here pretty easily, and that'll give us more living space. I found a good one up by his work, 2 bedrooms, shed, with a guest house (or workspace) on 4 lots. Definitely want to get in that one to check it out! If we can buy that one with $0 down, we'd have money for furniture and the trip to PA the kids and I want to make later.
I still have to contact the one bag sale place. I haven't seen any mention on their web page, and I didn't sign up for their mailing since I didn't have an address at that time. I do the best at that sale, and am really hoping they have it again this year! My kids need clothes (as do I), and I'm looking forward to starting an online resale boutique. We bought a sewing machine at a yard sale, and I'm hoping the hubs teaches us how it use the thing! lol Then we can make dresses for the littles, sleep pants, shorts and more. I've been picking up fabric remnants that Walmart has on sale, just waiting for the time we can get sewing.
Trying to put off organizing my clothes. I should get it done so we can bring in some of the clean stuff taking up room in my truck. Just so not in the mood to refold it all and get it back in the cubbies. Really looking forward to having a closet and dresser again! It's the little things really.
Better get busy before the hubs pulls up. While I managed to get most of the pressing things done, I want to finish off my list. Maybe then I can plan a day out tomorrow without feeling guilty!

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