Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another week has started

Another week has begun and I'm not as far along as I'd like to be. I did manage to take pictures last night of some of the stuff I'll be listing to sell on webstore.com, but that's about all. *sigh* I even tried to list some of those items today, but for whatever reason the site was having issues with me. So, I guess I'll have to wait a bit and try later. Maybe take more pictures of the clothes I have to sell. That will take *days*, but I can start! I did open a store there, so it might make it easier for me to sell large quantities.
The supposed snow we were to get bombed out on us. Bummer! It was said we would get 4-8 inches. Then it was downgraded to 1-2 inches. We didn't even manage a dusting! Meteorologists have it easy. "The storm took an unexpected path and missed us" is their excuse.
My mail has been pretty good so far. I keep requesting "more information" for vacations and relocating. So lots of fun brochures and booklets. I love looking at the homes and comparing prices to what is available here to what they want for a similar house *there*. I've come to the realization PA is expensive. I know what our one neighbors paid for their house (they moved in after us, and it was in the paper), and I've seen similar houses for $100K less!! Maybe if I get serious about decluttering and keep bugging dh, in a few years he'll agree to move. Not likely, but maybe if I get the littles involved. :) It would be nice to get away and start over away from certain people and stresses that we've been dealing with here.
I still have to gather up tax papers so I can do our taxes. There's the house taxes we paid, dh's medical expenses, dh's work expenses (tools and phone). I have all the social security numbers together (we have 6 kids, and not everything has been found after last years move). That money is being used for our vacation. Didn't get one last year due to this estate crap we're still dealing with. Plus some people don't live up to what they say. Whatever. All I have to say is... Karma.
I finally found the Olympics during the day! I knew they were on, but for some reason I couldn't find them. Now to hope dh recorded them since I missed most of curling (we love to watch that one). Don't care much for the hockey. If I list all my auctions before dh gets home, I may watch the Olympics tonight downstairs while I do some stuff on the computer down there - like our taxes!! lol Plus I'd like to do some credit letters (trying to clear up my credit), copy some papers, and do up some business letters. I also need to find the online place that does copies super cheap and get an order ready to send there. We're talking super cheap copies, and with my printer acting stupid after a few copies, I'll let them handle my copy needs. I'll need to check, but I'm thinking they do a free shipping with a certain order size. That shouldn't be a problem!
It's Tuesday, but for some reason it feels like Monday. Maybe because yesterday was a holiday? DH still had to go to work (when you work service, you only get the big holidays off), but there was no mail. How sad is it that mail is a highlight of my day? lol
All right. Time to stop blogging and see if I can get my stuff listed. Actually accomplish something today instead of sitting on here being bored! If you're interested check out my auctions. www.Shelszoo.webstore.com

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