Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow storm coming!

Although they keep changing our totals, this one looks to be a doozy! We have food and toilet paper, but it looks like diaper are needed:( YIKES! And dh has to work tomorrow, so looks like I'll have to brave the storm and walk to the store. *sigh*
Since we'll all be stuck inside (except when ds goes out to plow and shovel), I figure we should get some work done in here. I'll figure out how to add pictures to my auctions, sort my clothes (and take pictures so people can see that I really do have a *ton* of clothes!), get school work done, pick up and possibly do more blogging! There's more I'll get done. On snow days I try to cram alot in for some reason. I have my kids home all the time since we school at home, so it's not that I have their help then. Can't forget to look for a bed for ds (oldest). His futon broke:( I'm hoping to find one on craigslist at a decent price. Also have to see if dh would be able to go pick it up.
I know I was going to post printables today, but I got busy packing up some stuff to mail out. Of course I lost 2 of the papers I needed to send it all out, but I got out the major stuff. I'll need to check an email about a check I'm due. I may have to contact higher ups about it, but I"m tired of dealing with their arrogance. Then there's the fact my ds wants to change schools. Fine, we can do that, but he needs to finish out the year doing the work at *this* school. Noone else is taking applications for the rest of this year! I have to talk to the one school to see how the day would be set up for him. This one, he has to go to a couple of different places and he's not liking that. He misses his old school, but they had alot of problems with their admin, and it's not straightened out yet. Luckily there's 2 other schools using the same curriculum and set up, but I'm not sure if the one has the same scheduler for high school.
Still asking for prayers for our family. There's alot going on that I can't talk about in a public forum right now, but I do promise to update when I can.
I better get some sleep so I can get up early and get the diapers before it starts snowing too hard!

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