Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still here

We're having some nasty weather tonight and due for a huge storm Thursday - we're talking 12-18 inches of snow!! Of course, last major snow, we got nada:( Dh and I went out to eat tonight to help a middle school band (part of the total check is donated to the school). Then it was a quick trip to the store. How sad is it that we actually *needed* milk and eggs? lol Picked up a few other things while we were there, but not too much.
Changed our tv service. I do have to email the old one since they're going to give me grief. Saying we signed a 2 year agreement. Nope, I agreed to 1 year, and it was hell! All year we had issues with the one receiver. After being told (more than once) it was due to an electrical interruption, I had enough. Considering my tv is in the same outlet and our house is FULL of things that should also trip (like the other receivers! duh).
I'm so tired of adults whining and the ones who feel "entitled". The main one that comes to mind is the Russian skater. I watched the performance. He may have been able to do the quad, but he almost fell on his ass. More than once. It was a great performance for someone who gave it up for over 3 years, but frankly my dear, it wasn't worth gold. Deal with it. Move on. Retire and harass other people cuz quite frankly, I don't need to hear another adult whine!
So much going on here. I'll have to do more cleaning (as usual). I'd like to post some pics of my clothes. Noone believes how many clothes I own. I can open my own store. Really. I should spend some time sorting the littles clothes. There's a huge cleared space in the basement where I can spread out. Have them help me and I should have their outfits matched in no time!
I was so proud the other day! Went grocery shopping and saved over $150!! I did get a picture of what all we got, just need to get it off my oldest's camera. I saved more if you consider some of the items were marked half off already so it didn't show up as any savings. I do have to make up this weeks list and sort my coupons so I can do another trip. I know this tme we have to hit 2 stores. The one I'll be able to stock up on yogurt (the littles eat it for breakfast) - get (4) 4 packs for $3 after coupons! Maybe I'll start eating them as a snack. We do have to keep them downstairs in the fridge - and blocked - or little man gets into them and it can be a mess! lol We had to move the ice cream since he can open the fridge/freezer up here. I'd hear the freezer door close, but see noone (and I'm in sight). Turns out the little turd would have grabbed a carton of ice cream and gone down the hall to the girls room to gorge his little self! What a turd!! lol
Ok, it's late and I need some sleep. I'll be back with some free printables to share. Some coloring pages, bookmarks, school papers, and more.
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noelle said...

LOL about the ice cream. My 2 youngest will eat all the candy in the house. Kelli used to go behind our couch in the other room and I would find tons of wrappers back there. They are the reason I don't nap...they can entertain themselves...a little too well!

Glad to hear you are feeling better about stuff. Hang in there