Saturday, February 6, 2010

Career change?

I've been looking through some books and magazines and gathering links to help people. With all the lay offs and bad economy, plus it's getting to be graduation time, I thought it would be a good time to post. I have a bunch of links that will help you figure out what you're best suited for, places teens cn do apprenticeships/ internships, a couple of links about colleges, and more. Not everyone needs to go to college to get a good job, and I'd like to help them figure out their strengths. - find what you were meant to do - creer assessments - help find a career - matches strengths with careers - matches jobs with needed training, earnings, etc. - relocation information - explore in demand careers - internships, apprenticeships, volunteer opps - Calgary based career planning - find out about jobs from people working them - career blog (SF writer) - job corps, Ameri corps, Peace Corps article - preparing people for the workforce - high earners who don't have a bachelor's degree - teen jobs, careers, college - teen site lots of help for teens here for school, work, and more - military opps, money matters, beyond high school, career toolbox - all about going to college (tests, applying, financial aid and more) - all colleges and universities - university and college search - online degrees, distance learning courses - tools to help job seekers, sponsored by the US Dept. of Labor -free help teens find right career path - coop/ intern opportunities,3868,2-7-0-8382,00.html - plan for college - university and MBA careers - teen, seasonal and "kinda coo;" opportunities - job shadowing - helping LA's (CA) students with education and training - online job shadow - job shadowing for students with disabilities - career development e-mentoring for kids - SAT prep, find colleges - top job network for college students and recent grads - career services e-manual for Canada - article from 2004 - career that match your abilities and interests - article telling the limits of always looking for a higher degree - changing careers - find something meaningful to do ith your life - 4 fixes for the student loan trap
go to click personal finance click family/college for some good articles to help - internships - search jobs nationwide net employment resources - findout what your position pays in other places - free education & training program - budgeting and savings tips

I do think that's all I have on that. I'll be posting work at home places and ideas in a future post along with homeschool links (free and some that cost), tons of printable links for kids and adults (calendars, shopping lists, etc.), and more. If you have any requests, just put them in comments and I'll see what I can do. I'm hoping to get my freezer cooking links all together again. My main one was shut down (the owner wasn't aware her server was going down), so now we're waiting for her to find a new server and to get her stuff posted again. Such a help on a busy day to have a meal ready to go!
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