Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Saturday

We did get some snow, but how said is it that states to the south of us got slammed and we barely got 6 inches? The kids went out and played for a bit, but of course, we can't find half of the boots or mittens we have in the house. *sigh*
I spent some time in the girls' room and, let's just say, I'll be going back. There will not be any "before" pics. It's that bad in there. There's boxes that were put in there (why? Not quite sure), that can go to the burn pile. Lots of trash. Found a fork, 2 spoons, 2 bowls and a plate. Funny, they're not supposed to eat in there! *sigh* Should keep me busy for the rest of the day - if I don't mess up my back in there. It's happened before. I turn the wrong way and I can't move for a week.
I still need to get some business letters made up and printed. I should start looking for a better printer. If I'm going to do alot of printing for my businesses, I should have one that can handle it all. Either that or I need to put in my order for the place online that has cheap printing - and does a good job with quick shipping according to people that have used them. I know where my envelopes are, but my stamps? Not right now. I'll need more, but I should have enough to get out a dozen or so letters.
My main goal for the weekend? Besides the girls' room and business stuff? Getting our taxes done. It would be nice to have them done with early, but with things still questionable on the job front, not sure we should use it for a vacation (desperately needed by all in the house).
My nerves are now shot thanks to people in this house. I'm just going to go lock myself away in the girls' room where noone can get to me. Literally. I climb over stuff to get into the center of the room and work my way back out. Maybe people will take a nap and wake up with a better attitude.

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