Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's only Tuesday? Ugh. Didn't get as much done today as I planned, but I did manage to get a little more organized. Since it's snowing tonight I won't be able to burn tomorrow (always wastes my whole day having to be outside), I should be able to clear my to do list for the week. Dh would love it if I finished going through all of my clothes - except I keep finding more! We moved in here a year ago and I'm nowhere near done unpacking. I did find a FREE auction/ selling site that I'm taking advantage of though. So far I have a couple of books up for sale (adding pictures tomorrow), and will spend the rest of the week adding clothes and books. It's easier for me to take boxes to the PO than to have a yard sale. Even with a huge driveway, it's a huge deal to set up and get organized. If we had a garage I'd be able to spread out and spend as much time as I need getting my stuff together.
I managed to get into my gmail tonight without freezing up too often or getting kicked offline. I need to get some contact info for a Noah's Ark party and 2 people emails for bingo's I'm giving donations for. That should help get my name out there too! I'm still doing the fundraiser for Lifechurch's orphanage, if anyone's interested, go to my other blog (ShelszooSuperstores.blogspot.com) and check my links. If you have any problem with my websites or ordering, you can email me at pacybermom@yahoo.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I try to check that one during the day while I'm doing school with my kids.
I've added some pictures from Uppercase Living so you can see someplaces you can use our product. I have more pictures on my other blog too. If you need any ideas, jut ask! I have more photos, and I have a great group of ladies I can ask for help with ideas. You can put this on your car, boat, RV, golf cart, mirrors, walls, or wherever you want!

Yes, you can put Uppercase Living on your floors with no damage. They come up easily enough (so you can use it for weddings, parties or just your entrance), and will leave no marks behind.

Nice idea for stairs in your home.

Guest room. Uppercase Living.

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