Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Finally! We're finally getting more than a nuisance amount of snow! I always have the kids home with me - since I cyber/ home school them. They won't have a day off of school, but since it's going to be really bad out, I'll have dh home. He'll only have to go out if there's a no heat call. I should be able to get more cleaning done along with listing more stuff for sale on (look for shelszoo there!!), and maybe even finish trying on my clothes! If I'm really ambitious, I'll get most of my clothes away (it's a long story, but I don't have a closet, and not much space right now for my clothes) and sort the girls' stuff into outfits and get them away.
I'm wondering how some mom's seem to find so muc time to blog. I know I'm not one of the majority whose kids go to bed early (yeah, like going to bed at 8 would go over well with my crew! lmao!), but we're not early morning people. I'd love to blog more, but things don't get done so as it is around here.
Can you search blogger for certain blogs? I had seen some really nice cupcake ones weeks ago, just by hitting next blog. Haven't seen any since. I didn't click follow either for some reason.
I have most of the stuff together for the one bingo. I just need to print out the certificates yet for a free Bella Bead. I have to get ahold of the woman for the other bingo I'm donating to and find out when she wants the stuff. I think she said beginning of March, which gives me some time to figure out what to give her. Plus we'll be able to take orders on the Uppercase Living sites with credit cards! I'm hoping it's for all Demo's (which is how I read the announcement), and that I don't have to upgrade. That would help get orders from people who don't live close - plus I'm carless right now. *sigh*
It's late and I'm actually tired. I better take advantage of it and get some sleep. Maybe I'll get alot done tomorrow and be able to realx a bit!

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